Case Study

Spotless Turbo Washer

The Challenge: Depict the worst possible scenario for a stain, in an impactful manner with a low budget.

It’s no doubt that the cleaning products space is of the most crowded in the marketing world. That’s why when we were challenged with producing a compelling commercial for a new client we had to get a little creative. So to stand out from all the other cleaning products we used some drama.

When and where is the worst time to get a stain? On your wedding dress minutes before your wedding, of course. But how can we shoot the stain happening without the need for fresh wedding dress for each take. Many times one scene may need 5, 10 or more takes to get the shot we need. We didn’t have the budget for 10 identical wedding dresses, or the time for talent to change in between each take. So we used the “Frozen Life” method.

Up to now this has been seen only in high end commercials or movies, but we pushed the envelope and created a very effective and memorable spot on a modest budget.

Also used the same effect in a restaurant and office setting. BTW the client was blow away by our creativity and ingenuity and our commitment to their campaign. Hope to have a behind the scenes video soon…

To avoid any possible confusion for an on-line shopper, this version of the spot does not have the usual Call-To-Action included as we are currently in the stage of testing the offer and price point of the product.