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Are you taking advantage of QR Codes?
They are fast, easy but most importantly they’re effective, yet few are taking advantage of this great marketing tool.Do you want to show your potential customer details about your product or service at the point of purchase? Or have a easy way to transfer your website URL from print to your customers smart phone? It’s as simple as a QR Code. There are dozens of QR Code generator sites but where do you start? The features you should be looking for are; free, trackable, and editable.

Free for obvious reasons, but you’d be surprised how many sites will charge you for what others provide for free. Trackable allows you to capture analytics on how many times the code and your content was accessed. And editable allows you to change the destination of the QR Code. This comes in handy if after you have distributed or printed your QR Code you need to change the URL of the code destination.

So what are you waiting for, Google “QR Codes Generator” and dive in.

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John is chief contributor and director/producer for Response Digital Media. John's marketing background started in direct response television advertising in 1985 producing infomercials before the word "infomercial" was even coined.

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