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How TIVO changed the world of advertising or
Permission vs Interruption Marketing
As with most industries, technology always has been the driving force behind all major advertising industry trends. We have seen radio get over shadowed by television, now television pushed aside for by the internet.  We are also experiencing first hand how technology like TIVO and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are changing our television viewing habits. So If we’re skipping commercials at home using devices like TiVo why are we still placing local advertising commercials on television?

Now don’t get me wrong, there definitely are markets that are still loyal to television and consume television in a traditional linear fashion; that is, watching programming and commercials without skipping, so we still understand and value television and television commercials. And for specific campaigns, television dominates. We still recommend television for the quickest cost effective means of getting a message or offer out. Got a sale this weekend? Introducing a new business in town? Offering a new service to your line-up? Need to reach the unemployed, or stay at home moms? it’s all TV.

Of course this is what is called “Interruption Marketing”. Im sure you remember; “We interrupt this program for an important message…”

We are now apparently spoiled with the likes of TiVo and the Internet. We want to buy – but we don’t want to be sold, we want information on our own terms, not bombarded with it when we are trying to relax.  The consumer wants to find this information to make their own decision and make a purchase. When we go to the Internet and make a search on Google we are asking for information, we are giving permission for information to be presented before us, the consumer.  This is the path of least resistance. In Sales 101 we learned to let the customer talk, let the customer ask questions, this is an engaged customer, a customer that is ready and likely to buy. The Internet gives the customer this opportunity to research and acquire the information. And if we’re prepared, the Internet delivers those ready-to-buy consumers to our front door. This the is the power of “Permission Marketing”.

Another advantage of Permission Marketing on the Internet is the longevity of the content. Once a television spot runs, its gone. Unless someone saves that newspaper – your ad is gone. The content posted on the Internet will always be there and available. Of course to keep that content at the top of Google’s search results page it requires some maintenance, but its never lost.

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John is chief contributor and director/producer for Response Digital Media. John's marketing background started in direct response television advertising in 1985 producing infomercials before the word "infomercial" was even coined.

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