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How do you keep the attention of your viewer? For the first 15 seconds of a video, curiosity keeps the viewer’s attention, whether he stays for the next 15 depends on you. Make it personal, and make it entertaining. The best sales pieces work while the viewer is engaged. There are too many choices just a click away.

The cost of engagement? Using the right font, headline, or pitch doesn’t cost anymore to produce other than forethought and creativity. The world has no shortage of content, what’s lacking is good quality content that is relative to what the consumer is seeking.

It costs more to get a viewer to find and click on your message than it does to produce the content, so make it count.

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John is chief contributor and director/producer for Response Digital Media. John's marketing background started in direct response television advertising in 1985 producing infomercials before the word "infomercial" was even coined.

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