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The Internet is Forever

– and what does that have to do with this photo? Well this photo of the “Les Horrible Cernettes” is claimed to be the oldest photo on the internet. Uploaded over 20 years ago – and it is still there. So what is your lesson of the day? That you should treat Internet content marketing as an investment, unlike traditional advertising channels that would be considered an expendable. Tomorrow that expensive newspaper ad you placed is either tossed, or part of a hoarders obsessive collection of trash. And that pricey broadcast TV spot is a fading memory.

The Internet is forever… Take advantage of it and invest in your future.

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John is chief contributor and director/producer for Response Digital Media. John's marketing background started in direct response television advertising in 1985 producing infomercials before the word "infomercial" was even coined.

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  1. Okay, let me clarify; With any traditional media you are still building brand, which in itself is an investment. But that soon dies if you don’t keep up the momentum. The Internet is forever.

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