Video Production

Unsurpassed Television Production with Direct Response Results!

Whether you need a television commercial, infomercial, instructional video, sales presentation or web video, nothing says it like a RDM video. RDM’s key producer John Pavlakos has been directing and producing commercials, videos and films professionally for 25 years and personally most of his life.

After operating the largest television production studio and advertising agency in Central Florida for over ten years, John has now joined RDM to bring a level of production normally not found in a boutique setting.

The ownership of a camera or even a full blown television studio is no longer enough to produce a successful commercial, infomercial or web presentation. Pavlakos’ productions are responsible for billions of dollars in retail sales.  Over the years his writing and directing has garnished peer awards and most importantly accolades from his clients.

Call us now or fill in our contact form to find out how John can produce a video presentation for you that speaks directly to your customer and motivates her to take action.