What does your business website look like on a smartphone?

It is no secret that mobile internet access has surpassed that of desktop users. People on the go want their information quickly and concisely without the typical clutter found in a desktop version website. Unfortunately no one cares who founded your business and what your mission statement is when they are on the road searching for a product or service. The good news is if they find the information they need on your mobile website, they are more likely to purchase your product or service in short period of time. But what is the right amount of information to include in your mobile website?  We recommend; Who, What, Where and When. Beyond that you are just distracting from, or delaying the purchase. Remember your competition is always just the next listing on Google so if the consumer is frustrated with your website it doesn’t take long for them to jump to another source. Pinching and zooming the screen was okay when smartphones were a novelty – not anymore.

So, Mobile App, or Mobile Web?  Is a mobile app for your business? Possibly but most likely a mobile website is more appropriate for a local business.  While we can produce either, a mobile app requires a download from the appropriate app store and most importantly, it is not searchable directly through a search engine such as Google. A mobile website can be searched and found directly from Google.  And please note the keyword is “search”. Other phrases that you’ll be hearing a lot about; “local search”, and “mobile search”, put them together as “local mobile search” and you’ve got a combo you can bank on. But if your website isn’t mobile ready, its just plain not ready.

RDM Local-Mobile  Our solution is called Local-Mobile. Within hours we can launch a mobile website optimized for local search with just the needed content to inform your customer and literally lead him right to your door. With a direct connection to your customer’s onboard smartphone mapping system it has never been easier to give your customers directions.  We supply the bait, and the phone reels them in! Isn’t technology great!

Check out all the Local-Mobile features that you and your customers will love.

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